Chapel Sessions
Gretta Ray

Kicking off with a Triple J Unearthed victory in 2016 and sealing the deal with the Vanda and Young Global Songwriting Prize, Gretta Ray’s journey reads like a star-studded fairytale. Her debut album bottles the essence of youthful liberation, blending curiosity with raw emotion. From choir-kid beginnings to the indie charm of “Elsewhere,” Ray’s story has been a whirlwind joyride. Chart-toppers like “Drive” showcased her pop charisma, while subsequent tracks delved into folk nuances. The album is a testament to evolution, threading the themes of growth and self-discovery. Infused with catchy melodies and genuine lyrics, Gretta Ray warmly invites you to hop on her sonic adventure. And the journey continues—her 2022 sold-out gigs at Chapel Off Chapel left the crowd spellbound.