Chapel Sessions
Melody Pool

Melody Pool, a country-folk artist from Kurri Kurri, NSW, made her mark in music early, sharing the stage with her father. Releasing EPs like ‘Heart to Heart Talk’ (2008) and ‘Awake, You’re All Around Me’ (2011) during her teens, she found her way to Nashville in 2012, resulting in her debut album ‘The Hurting Scene,’ produced by Brad Jones and Jace Everett. After a hiatus, she reemerged with ‘Lost In Time’ (2023), recorded on her farm, showcasing her profound, emotive songwriting. Her journey delves into themes of vulnerability and mental health, alongside her life partner Christopher Dale.

Immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of Melody Pool through these mesmerising performances. Dive deep into the spirited celebration of her EP “Lost In Time,” recorded at Chapel Off Chapel during Chapel Summer Sessions 2023. Here, Melody Pool delivers an enchanting performance that showcases her exceptional talent. Get ready to be spellbound by the magical musical synergy of Christopher Dale and Jason Lowe as they weave an unforgettable and enchanting musical journey together.