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‘Transience’ features three original works.  Athletic skill, storytelling and emotion combine on the stage in this exciting debut for the Attitude Dance Company Impact Ensemble.

Retroaction by Xavier McGettigan

A collection of vinyl records can sit unattended or be constantly in play, but in either case they hold precious memories. Intended as a showcase of the ADC Impact Ensemble dancers incredible talent and versatility, Retroaction features a ‘wish list’ of music artists like Paul Simon, Kate Bush, Hall & Oates, Nick Drake, Toto and more.

A Brief Encounter by Stacey Carmichael

A girl walks into a room, she sits. What if the couch she sits on could tell the stories it’s seen… love, pain, sleep, violence, laughter. We encounter people, we encounter objects sometimes only for a fleeting moment… but what stories do we leave behind? A dance & physical theatre piece.

The Visitor by Xavier McGettigan

Inspired by Jim O’Rourke’s incredible 38-minute masterpiece of the same name, ‘The Visitor’ explores how it feels to be the Other, yet as the Self, can we truly be an outsider? Are we ever alone when we travel through with ourselves for company?


Seating: Allocated Seating.

Please make sure you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the performance start time. The performance has a strict ‘Lockout Policy’, latecomers will not be permitted.

Please Note: To ensure the safety and integrity of the performance, if you choose to exit the theatre during the performance you will not be permitted to re-enter.

If you require wheelchair access, please call our Box Office on 03 8290 7000.