The Art of Entertainment – Exhibition


Having worked in the Music Industry for nearly forty years I have experienced some wonderful music moments.

Some stay with you more than others, whether blurred or crystal clear.

Reflecting on such moments inspires us all.

The soundtrack of my life is populated by many of these feel good moments.

In The Art of Entertainment Exhibition I have re visited a number of them and painted how they make me feel.

It is fitting that these works inhabit the walls of the Chapel Off Chapel foyer.

The diversity and quality of the entertainment presented in this venue is amazing.

The music within many of these performances lives on within the soundtracks of people’s lives well after they leave this foyer.

Whether inspired by a song, or a performance my works involve three simple steps

Hear It – Feel It – Paint It

I hope you find something you like the sound of amongst them.

ARTIST: Carl Gardiner