Fabulously Funny Friday Variety Show


Decorate your home because circus, comedy, physical buffoonery, magic and some unforgettable one-of-a-kind surprises are coming your way!

Dandyman is your fab and dapper host-with-the-most, coming to you live and in person right through the screen of your device! Dandy will be hosting a collection of silly and sensational variety acts, four fun and fabulously world-class guests to wow and surprise you.

Our star-studded line-up

The irrepressible rubber-faced Joel Salom is an outstanding all-round comic with crackerjack timing. He’s ambidextrous and has astounding balance. Joel has worked all around the world as a ring master, flying trapeze artist, juggler, clown, and acrobat. He can also juggle things with his mouth.

Spinning onto the stage since childhood, Malia Walsh is famous for her outrageous hula hoop acts. Not one, not two, not three but you can witness about a billion hula hoops! With the fastest hips in the Southern Hemisphere, Malia will spin, twirl and even bedazzle as her rainbow coloured hoops zoom around her waist, neck, arms and even her toes!

Liz Skitch will be squeezing your funny bone in all the right places. Combining party games, songs on the squeeze box and a little bit of magic, this curly haired comedian will have you wriggling, giggling and unleashing the power of your imagination!

After being inspired watching a man balance four chairs on his face, Tara Silcock enrolled into her first ever circus class the day before her 8th birthday. She hasn’t stopped since! Circus artist, life groover, foot-juggler, and a very keen gardener.

Make sure there’s some space in your living room for the Fabulously Funny Friday Variety Show – we can’t wait to bring the circus direct to your home.

What you will need

Just you and your loved ones, but if you want to create a fun backdrop or wear your favourite costume, that’s great too!

This performance is suitable for all ages.

We want our online events to be a fun, safe and inclusive space for children. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult while attending online events. For more information please see City of Stonnington’s Statement of Commitment to Child Safety.

As part of Roola Boola Children’s Arts Festival.

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