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The Trojan Women


The Trojan Women is a tragedy surrounding the horror of war and its aftermath. Euripides based the play on the myths and legends of the Trojan War, those proceeding the abduction of Helen of Troy, and the ensuing war presaged by Menelaus of Sparta. Many may have endeavoured to embellish, exaggerate and even fabricate versions of these tales. Versions, about the female experience, but not written by those voices of whom were stifled.

If women are struggling to be heard now, imagine how stifled their voices then, especially in 1940s Hollywood; we may never know what they wanted to say – even after the arrival of the talkies, they were expected to remain silent. Imagine a stage of glamorous sirens and starlets, beautiful on the surface, admired and adored but slaves to an industry nonetheless.

They too have stories to tell, and they are telling them now.


Seating: Allocated Seating.

Please make sure you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the performance start time. The performance has a strict ‘Lockout Policy’, latecomers will not be permitted.

Please Note: To ensure the safety and integrity of the performance, if you choose to exit the theatre during the performance you will not be permitted to re-enter.

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