Street Rhythm – Exhibition



Street Rhythm is an exhibition of paintings dedicated to urban street scenes in and around the suburbs of Melbourne.

It is a collection of work done over the last few years and also traces my own internal rhythms in the development of painterly expression.
I am interested in observing that which is fleeting; that which conveys something of the untold stories within our neighbourhoods; stories that tell us something more about ourselves as city dwellers and as Melburnians.

Working from a studio located in my local shopping strip of Glen Huntly I have been able to absorb the character and get to know the people who live and work around me. I have been able to watch the ebb and flow of the street and the way it moves. I have gotten to know its shifting moods, its urbanity and to feel the beat to which lives are lived by.

Street Rhythm is my story about life and art.

Artist: Kate Birrell