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The Theatre Mask and the Actor


‘The mask, covering the face of the actor and all its myriad possibilities for expression, completely transforms our way of researching the body’s expression and relation to space.’ Matteo Destro

This intensive 5 day workshop is a rare chance to explore physical theatre and the art of performing with theatre masks.

Run by internationally renowned artist and founder of the ATELIER Mask Movement Theatre Matteo Destro, this workshop is a must for any performer, scenographer, director, writer, choreographer and dancer to expand their understanding and practice of acting and movement.

Participants will be taught sensitively through movement, play and performance. They will leave the workshop inspired and fundamentally changed, with skills in playing using Sartori neutral masks and Matteo’s Larval, Full Mask/ Counter Mask and Half Masks.

Matteo has been invited to Melbourne for the second year running to facilitate this workshop and share his expertise in physical theatre and playing the theatrical mask.